Building your Leadership Brain Stamina

Introduction Neuroscience provides some hard evidence that leaders who build brain stamina are smarter, more motivated, more creative and more engaged, resulting in superior performance and enhanced business outcomes (Gordon, 2000) The approach taken in this article is to share from social cognitive neuroscience literature how specific brain stamina building...

The resourcefulness challenge

The resourcefulness challenge is unique: it moves way beyond theory. I would recommend this program to my peers.

Valuable techniques

This is one of the best programs that I’ve ever attended. I’ve learned valuable techniques that I have been able to apply in the work world and my personal life. I would advise everyone to take this course and apply it to their daily lives.


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Our Approach

NeuroCapital helps decision-makers achieve to optimal business performance by unlocking personal potential and meaning in the workplace, building awareness of the authentic self, and connecting with others and with the universe at large. For instance, we specialise in the application of neuroscience to leadership, leadership behaviours and leadership excellence. Neuroscience...

Our Clients

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