Our Events


NeuroCapital works with groups and teams to increase business performance by using validated, brain-friendly leadership and team interventions.

These include:
  • Power talks (1 hour)
  • Express workshops (4 hours)
  • Mastery series (4 days)
Topics include:
  • Team Alignment: Getting on with Others
  • Staying Cool under Pressure: Emotional Savvy
  • Using Neurocapital to Build Human Capital & Organisational Outperformance
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • The Neuroscience of Leadership
  • The Neuroscience of Change
  • The Neuroscience of Goals & Performance
  • The Resourcefulness Challenge*

All events and interventions can be customised by NeuroCapital to accommodate different requirements, scopes and time scales.

*The resourcefulness challenge

The resourcefulness challenge is our signature process for developing a resourceful mindset; i.e., for ‘getting things done with what is already there’.

The programme, ideal for intact teams, is co-created with the client using resourcefulness asssessments, group resourcefulness sessions/retreats, individual resourcefulness coaching and finally the Resourcefulness Challenge itself.

Individual growth is enhanced via a focus on positive personal character traits, thinking and behaviour.

This can be shifted by:
  • Individual directed attention (“neuroplasticity”);
  • Individual motivation that comes from personal purpose and meaning; and
  • Understanding of the connection between mind, brain and relationships.

In this latter stage, each participant identifies and drives a goal that contributes to the workplace and builds personal meaning. These insights and practices are then explored and experienced in a way that is relevant for that team.




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