Mental Health In The Workplace During COVID-19

While physical well-being is vital during the coronavirus pandemic, the situation is raising multiple mental-health issues, including rising stress levels exacerbated by job uncertainty and social isolation. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) a pandemic increases the risk of mental illness and suicide among the population/workforce.

A sad reality for South Africa, is that before this pandemic, mental illness was one of the top causes of presentism and absenteeism in South African workplaces.
Since the coronavirus is forcing employees to work remotely, many are working under conditions to which they might not be naturally aligned, which is creating stress. In the same breadth, those employees who have to physically be present in the workplace, are living with the fear of picking up the virus along the way, or in the workplace and bringing it home to their loved ones.

This is not a niche issue but a broad one – the reality that employers are facing is that everyone is struggling with their new normal; no employee is unaffected and everyone is reacting uniquely to changing, day-by-day circumstances. As the working world adapts to this “new normal”, caring for employee mental health should be top priority for business leaders. The KR full day online seminar will serve as an important platform which will equip HR and Employee Well-being practitioners with strategies for managing and promoting employee well-being throughout their organisations in this unprecedented situation.


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